Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Girls Who Code Club

Girls Who Code (GWC) is a non-profit organization that encourages more girls to close the gender gap in the computer science field. This club will allow girls to create a strong network to the future. Girls will learn to code along with other beginners in an open and accepting environment. In the GWC club, you will learn how to code animations, games, and websites etc. The coding course will be on Saturdays, 2-4 pm, at the computer lab of Chinatown Branch Library. It is open to female students, ages 8 to 18 years old. No experience required. For information, please contact Jewel Chen at Chinatown Branch Library, Tel: (415)355-2888  or jewel.chen@sfpl.org
歡迎參加學習電腦程式的圖書館活動: "編寫程式的女生"
女青少年們將與其他初學者一起在圖書館開放與接納的環境中,學習獨立編寫程式. 本活動限女生,希望推動女性參與科技新技術. 歡迎8歲至18歲青少年叁加. 無需基礎. 在圖書館二樓電腦室上課. 課程時間為星期六下午2-4 時. 詳情請洽詢 Jewel Chen, 電郵: jewelchen@sfpl.org or Tel:(415)355-2888.

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