Monday, July 2, 2018

2018 Teen Essay Contest

Laughter is the Best Medicine

Name: Kai P.
School: Gateway High School
Grade: 11th grade

Depression and sadness are just a part of life. No matter how you try to dress it up everyone feels some kind of crushing weakness or disappointment deep down at some point or another. No one can remain cheerful or carefree forever in life. When most people are upset or generally in a bad mood, they usually think the best solution is to be left alone. But in most cases, the best solution people can think of is trying to cheer that person up. This has led to a common belief/method called, Laughter is the Best Medicine. A good joke or funny moment can take some one's mind off their own problems and/or worries temporarily and quickly reverses their mood. It's a good method for people with smaller problems, like a misunderstanding, an argument, or a lost object. laughter can cheer them up or give them a little more hope to improve things for themselves. But I believe the time when this method is most effective is when it's used with friends or people outside your own family that you care about.

There's a level of awkwardness that comes with the interaction when family members use it. I speak from personal experience and from what I've heard from my friends. They've had their parents try to make them smile or cheer them up but they claimed it didn't work too well on them. Now, let's try this scenario. A girl is frustrated about her day at school and just wants to lie down in her bed at home and be alone for a little while. One of her parents comes into her room despite her wishes and tries to make her laugh. The girl, embarrassed by her parent's attempts, just asks the parent to please leave. Let's try this same situation with a friend or a even a soon to be friend. A girl is sitting down in the hallway of her school, frustrated with how bad her test scores were. Another student sees her upset, feels sorry for her, and feels obligated to do something to help her. He goes to her and asks her about her problem. She explains her situation to him. The student tries to make her laugh. Through his efforts, the girl doesn't see social awkwardness. She could see someone who cares about her and wants to make her feel better. This comes off as more caring, because it's coming from someone who she doesn't know as well. It feels like it means more to her. Parents love their kids. That just goes without saying. So when someone she either doesn't know very well or knows only a little, shows this level of care for her, it starts to have a bigger effect.

It probably didn't even matter how funny or unfunny the joke was. The idea of gaining a friend or a friend going out of their way to help can give a feeling or satisfaction and contentment to her. You see how this plays out differently? To me, even if a joke is funny or clever, it doesn't matter as much as the purpose or gesture. That's why adults tend to have a weaker effect than someone they don't know as well. With parents or family members we know they care about us and want the best for us in life (most of the time). So their attempts come off as easy to see coming and as such, we don't really feel as comforted by their words nearly as much as they intend for us. I'm not saying that parents can't cheer up their kids. I'm just saying that I know many cases where they aren't as effective at this as friend or close acquaintances.

To me, laughter being the best solution can very depending on the situation. There are times when someone can be so filled with grief that a joke may not be the best approach. Saying laughter overall is the best solution seems too broad of a statement. Everyone has their own views. Not everyone can be pleased or satisfied in the same way. True, there are common solutions that work for a majority, but these solutions don't add up too much if they aren't used correctly. The despair that comes from personal tragedies or crushing losses cannot simply be quelled with an attempt at humor. Not everything can be solved the same way and expecting that it can be logical. Life isn't just a simple one way road. There are a multitude of obstacles and interactions we must face. One solution, while  no less effective, can't be the only one available to us. I don't intend to change any one's opinions or call anyone else wrong for what they believe, but to me, life is filled with unexpected twists and turns that can lead us into "areas" we don't recognize. To sum it up, laughter can be the best medicine, but it all depends on how it's executed.

Sunday, July 1, 2018

2018 Teen Essay Contest

Laughter is the Best Medicine

Name: Lan W. 
School: Galileo High School
Grade: 10th Grade
In our life, there is laughter everywhere, such as children's ringing laughter as they playing, family's harmonious laughter, happy laughter using Spring Festival and so on. Laughter is the best expression in the world, and it is also the best medicine.

A famous scientist said in his speech, "Laughter only effects 6 muscles, but crying affects 14 muscles." There is a Chinese saying, "Laughter can make you 10 years younger." Laughter can drive away pressure. When a person laughs, he dispels negative emotions and release pressure. There is a story about "a clown into a town is better than a dozen doctors". Faraday, a famous British Chemist, he was often mentally maladjusted, headache and insomnia because of the overly tense job. Later, a famous doctor examined him carefully, but he did not prescribe a prescription. When he left, he just laughed and said a British saying to Faraday, "A clown into town is better than a dozen doctors." Then he went away. Faraday thought about the words meaning and finally realized the mystery. From then on, Faraday often took time to see the funny plays, the circus and the comedy, and was often laugh happily. Such a happy mood greatly improved his health, his headache and insomnia healed. This story tells us that laughter can cure all diseases; it is good for people's health.

Laughter is not only the best medicine for body, but also the best medicine for life. A pathological change made Linda's calm life suddenly become a billow. She was found to have breast cancer. That caused the optimistic woman was worried and worried. She had put forward to stop the treatment many times, although her husband, Bob Keri, a common man, encouraged her again and again. In order to make Linda happy, he took pictures of his funny looks. These pictures not only made Linda laugh, but also made her hopeful. Linda said, "These pictures made me very happy and helped me to be positive and optimistic. If it was not that he could always make me laugh from my heart, I don't think I can alive today!" Certainly, for those who are hit by life, laughter is the best medicine for life so that we can face the wind and rain of life optimistically. We should know, to decide whether you are strong, is not calculating how many times you have gone through the wind and rain, but to see through the wind and rain, whether you still can forward without waver or not.

Laughter can also affect the people who surround you. When someone laughs and makes the whole room relaxed, other people's moods becomes happier. Laugh in good faith if someone was in trouble, and told him or her, "Every cloud has a silver lining." Your goodwill laughter can help them overcome the difficulties with the courage. People who often laugh are happy, they carry their happiness with them, at the same time, they bring happiness to others, and this kid of people is very popular. It follows that laughter can increase personal belonging and intimacy, create intimate relationships, and make people more easily integrated into the society.

"Laughter is very simple; it is the inherent ability of human. Laughter is also very complicated; it contains a lot of knowledge that people may never have heard of." Steve Wilson, an American psychologist, the founder of the "World Laugh Tour" organization, said. He has studies the laugh for many years and called for people to laugh. In my opinion, laughter is the best medicine for body, for life, and for other people. So, why don't we laugh more? Laugh more, don't complain when trouble comes. Laugh more, whether it is success or fail, we all have to face. Laugh more, consider carefully, courage to walk without stopping! I believe that if everybody laughs more, there will be more kindness and trust among the humans, the world will be more beautiful!

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

2018 Teen Essay Contest

In celebration of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month in May 2018, you are invited to join a Teen
Essay Contest (in English).

Topic: "Laughter is the Best Medicine"
Deadline: Saturday, May 26, 2018.
For information, please call Jewel at Chinatown Branch Library, (415)355-2888 or
Judging will be based on originality, grammar, coherence to the topic and more.

The rules:
* Age: 12-18
* Text should be written in English only, at least 600 words
* One entry per person
* Submission by email to:
* Submission in person or by mail to: Jewel Chen, Chinatown Branch Library, 1135 Powell Street, San Francisco, CA 94108
* Include your name, address, school, grade, phone number and email address
* Essays will be divided into two age groups: middle school (Grade 6-8) and high school (Grade 9-12)
* One winner per age group. The prize to each winner: 3 orange wristbands USB flash drive with "sfpubliclibrary" logo or a  mystery gift
* The winner's essay will be posted on the Chinatown/Him Mark Lai Library webpage: Chinatown Teen'Zine Blog


青少年徵文比賽 (中文組)

作文題目:  笑是最好的良藥
收件截止日期: 二零一八年五月二十六日 (星期六)  
如有疑問, 請洽華埠圖書館Jewel,電話: (415)355-2888 or
評審將依原創性, 文法, 題旨相符等觀點評分.
* 限以中文書寫至少六百字以上.
* 如以email交件,請電傳:
* 如以郵件寄送或遞送, 請寄至: Jewel Chen, Chinatown Branch Library, 1135 Powell Street, San Francisco, CA 94108

* 每位參加者請註明其姓名,年齡,學校,年級,聯絡電話及個人email.

* 得獎者為一名. 獎品為三個橘色腕帶電腦隨身碟(含SFPL標誌)或一個神秘禮物.
* 得獎文章將登於華埠圖書館/麥禮謙圖書館網頁(華埠青少年網誌, Chinatown Teen'Zine Blog).