Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Teen Essay Contest in the Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

The Chinatown Branch of the San Francisco Public Library presents:

In celebration of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month in May 2010,
you are invited to join a Teen Essay Contest.
The Topic:“Lighting the Past, Present & Future".
The judgment will be originality, grammar, coherence to the topic, and others.
The deadline: Saturday, May 29th, 2010, at 4 pm in Chinatown Public Library.
The rules:
- Age: 12-18
- Text should be written in English only, at least 1,000 words
- One entry per person
- Submission in person or by mail to Jewel Chen, Chinatown Branch Library, 1135 Powell Street, San Francisco, CA 94108. Include your name, address, school, grade, contact phone number and e-mail address.
- No e-mail submissions
- Essays will be divided into two age groups, i. e., Middle School groups (Grade 6-8) & High School Groups (Grade 9-12)
- Prizes for the winners of each group: The 1st place winners will get a Target gift card ($50). The 2nd place winner will get a Gap gift card ($25)
- The winner' s essays will be posted on the San Francisco Public Library' s Teen web pages (Chinatown TeenZine Blog)

Monday, March 22, 2010


題目: 光照過去, 現在與未來
評審將依原創性, 文法, 是否符合題旨等觀點評分
收件截止日期: 二零一零年五月二十九日(星期六)下午四點正
- 限以中文書寫, 至少一千字以上
- 每人限交一篇文章
- 不接受e-mail交件
- 請將原稿以郵寄或遞送方式交給華埠圖書館館員Jewel Chen, 華埠圖書館地址: 1135 Powell Street (near Jackson), Chinatown Branch Library, San Francisco 94108
- 每位參加者須註明其姓名, 年齡, 學校, 年級, 聯絡電話及個人e-mail
- 得獎者限一名, 獎品為Gap 禮品卡一張($25)
- 得獎作品將刊登於舊金山市立圖書館青少年網頁(華埠青少年網誌, Chinatown TeenZine Blog)