Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Crazy New Year's Resolutions!

Friday, January 2, 2015, 3:30-5 pm at Chinatown Branch Library

Write down five crazy New Year's resolutions. They are your New Year's wishes. Chance to win a gift card. For teens & tweens, ages 8 to 18 years old.

Chinatown Branch Library:
1. I will be a billionaire!
2. Go find another galaxy that no one have ever discovered before.
3. Thinking like an alien when it landed on Earth.
4. Winning staring contest between me and my teddy bear.
5. To convince steel to bend.

1. Over the year, my IQ will get higher (like 1 week = 10 IQ, so 48 weeks = 480 IQ)
2. I will never die.
3. I have a company that makes 1 million dollars per day.
4. I don't need to go to school when I don't want to.
5. I wish no matter how late I go to school, I won't get bad punishment!

1. Able to travel to Mars and all the other solar system planets and get famous for that.
2. I love the nature, and I think that the best way to show my love for it is to protect it. I wish a scientist (maybe me) will able to invent a vacuum or converting machine to rid the greenhouse gas from the atmosphere and replace it with fresh clean air.
3. I hope the scientists and researchers will be able to find a way to transport the trash on Earth to another place such as another planet. We can call it the Trash Planet.
4. From watching too many superpower and supernatural TV shows, I am desire to gain/obtain the power to control time (stopping, forwarding, and backward time). I can stop time to get an extra snooze, and resume it when I am fully awake.
5. Climb on top of Mt. Everest and yell "2015 Here I Come!" or another goal I want to achieve and bungee jumping down the mountain.

1. I would like my hair to be longer than my back.
2. I want my IQ to be higher than 200.
3. I want to know all the languages in the world.
4. I would like to be taller than all my friends.
5. I want to know how to cook everything.

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