Thursday, August 7, 2014

Teen Essay Contest in May 2014

From the Winners of Teen Essay Contest in May 2014

From the First Place Winner: Marisa Li,
Thank you to the SFPL and Jewel for hosting this Teen Essay Contest! The contest motivated me to write about an issue that posed a huge struggle for me this past school year, and I'm glad that sharing my thoughts provided me with such a rewarding experience. I hope my essay will be able to spread the lesson I learned; I want people to always remember that they are unique and wonderful in their own way and not let anyone face such as grades define them. I encourage everyone to participate in next year's essay contest for involvement in a memorable, valuable event.

From the Second Place Winner: Connie Yu,
Thank you to the SFPL for providing me the opportunity to share my thoughts about an interesting topic! It was a pleasure and honor to have participated, and the prompt gave me much to think about. The time I spent meditating on how I've inspired myself and others expanded my awareness on the importance of what I do in my daily life, and I'm grateful for the overall experience that this essay contest has gifted me.

From the Third Place Winner: Tammy Ha,
I felt that this prompt was less like an essay and more like a journal or reflection of my own experience with finding motivation. Writing this essay reminded me of the effort I initially put in and gave me reason to keep exercising when I least felt like it. I really like the Teen Essay Contest because the topics are specific enough for me to focus my essay but broad enough so that many different ideas can fit the prompt. It's always fun to read the other essays and see how people interpreted the topic differently. I don't usually like to write essays, but the Teen Essay Contest is an exception.

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