Monday, June 18, 2012

Winners of Teen Essay Contest, May 2012

Winners of Teen Essay Contest: Tammy Ha, Junjie(Jangey) Lu and Shuangcai Li.

From Tammy Ha, 10th Grade, Lowell High School (English Essay)
I'd like to thank the SF Public Library for the annual Teen Essay Contest. It gave me an opportunity to write about topics that interested me, rather than the theme of a book for English class. Now I feel more confident about my writing since someone thought it was worthy of a prize. I would never think I'd say this, but writing these essays made up a fun experience since it was for a contest rather than for a grade. I'd encourage other teens to participate in the future.  

From Junjie Lu, 陸俊杰, San Francisco International High School (Chinese Essay)

From Shuangcai Li, 李雙彩, Galileo High School (Chinese Essay)
Feeling about Teen Essay Contest: I think Teen Essay conetest is a good activity for teens because you can write about your feeling about the topic and you can get the prize for writing that. I aslo very happy to being one of the winners in Teen Essay Contest for past years. I want to encourage teens to participate this event. If you want to share you writing and win prize for yourself, please join this event. That's was a good opportunity for teens to show your talent in writing. Take action and be happy.

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