Monday, August 3, 2009

Something Green on Earth

(Winner of Middle School Group, Teen essay Contest 2009)
by Nathan Schwarz-Lee

Something green on earth... the wonderful things I see outside are green to my eye, the only things that aren't green are the people who use the cars! I thought for a moment, then realized that if everyone in the world didn't use cars, the world would be much greener, and the grey and dull things would be minimized. The world is a beautiful place, for there are many green things in it. But if there weren't gas guzzling cars out there, imagine what it might look like! Imagine the verdant meadows and the sun soaked trees! Imagine the wild animals fluttering about!

The cards are roaming around
Attacking the environment
Being Chinese is like being bound
Too many laws and still a requirement

I'd rather smell Chinese pork buns
Than the toxic fumes of diesel buses
They are infinitely multiplying their runs
Never thinking about their passenger' fusses

The reason I listen to my Ipod more
When the birds used to be singing
Is because of the constant engines' roar
Who tore my silence from living

So now I am sick
Of all the world's cars
I moved away from the grime of the kick
Of society's cars and tar

However, being half Chinese and American, I'm disappointed with how both of those countries are acting on this. China is one of the worst polluters in the world and they're doing very little to change this. The U.S. is trying, but they aren't making a noticeable effort. So I say that we try harder to improve our care on the environment, and either create cars that consume no gas whatsoever, or completely eliminate cars.

I see a future, where all our lives will be green. I see a very bright future. But it will take a lot of work to make it. That is where the rest of the world comes in. Everybody can make a difference to our environment. If everyone helps, we will have a good chance of succeeding.

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