Saturday, June 7, 2008

Post Secret: Extraordinary Confessions from Ordinary Lives

Is the Book Suitable to Teenage Readers?
Written by: Mona Meng Xin Zhao

I believe the book "Post Secret: Extraordinary Confessions from Ordinary Lives written by Frank Warren" should not be removed from the teen sections in my opinion because of these following reasons (coming from a seventeen years old perspective):
- The book is a collection of myriad emotions and experiences people of all ages been through. The book can serve many purposes in teaching teens and adults about who they are, how they feel, and others' emotions.

- This book shows different sides of a human. Though it can not conclude that's how everyone would feel in a certain situation, but it will help us realize how many of our lives are so alike.

- This book can also help teenager realize not only most of us go through similar experiences, but we also have similar mixed emotions. This realization can help us break our barriers we built towards our unfamiliar classmates, rivals at school, and our parents.

- This book can benefit teens by opening their hearts and minds. Some people might think this book is inappropriate for teens because of various reasons. This book is raw, deep, taps into our most secret thoughts and "secrets". This book, in my opinion, will not desecrate teenagers' minds. It will not badly influence teenagers to "do bad things" or be rebellious, but instead it'll take us out of our comfort zones in life and be more mature.

In conclusion, I read this book and truly enjoyed it. Sometimes I will burst out laughing, but the next page can bring me to tears. This book is cathartic and simply human.

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